A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Running all the way from being a sperm cell to an old man to the grave. Basically you have two goals: Survive and do it as fast as possible!

You can find us also from Google Play!


- auto-saving your progress, you can close game and come back later and continue where you left off!

- Online leaderboards

- 4 song soundtrack

- 8 age classes

-All made by our team!

Movement: wasd, space+cursors

Install instructions

download -> unzip jake folder -> inside jake folder run jake.exe -> enjoy!


JAKE-Life speedrun.zip 118 MB
JAKE-Life speedrun mac.zip 116 MB

Also available on


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the Google play link is dead

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Great game! Didn't think I'd rage, but I had a lot of fun! https://youtu.be/Phv_tvNZFV8

haha Great game !

Hey cool mate! =) If you still could fix the name, it would be easier to find from the youtube ;)

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A small tip, man: don't name your files ending with a number in parenthesis; people on Windows might mistake it for being the eighth time they've downloaded Jake.zip.

Hey Alex, thx for the tip, got it fixed =)

You're welcome!

Very challenging and hard sometimes but still super fun!! :D

Stay Rad Everybody! <3

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Glad to hear man! No wonder you have achieved so many followers in no time, subbed for sure!

-Team Jake